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Apprenticeship In Canada

Apprenticeship is a workplace-based training program that teaches people the skills they need in the trades to achieve competencies and perform tasks to the industry standard. The training combines alternating periods of on-the-job (80 to 85%) and technical training (15 to 20%). Technical training can occur at a college, a union training centre, a private trainer or online. Once the apprentice has completed the required hours and/or modules for the trade, the apprentice can write the exam for the Certificate of Qualification for the province/territory. There are many benefits to this form of training including earn while you learn, certification, good pay and exciting career opportunities.

Apprenticeship is regulated by the provinces and territories, creating 13 unique systems geared to the labour market needs and conditions in each region of Canada. Jurisdictions offer a variety of supports, incentives and programs to respond to the needs of their apprenticeship stakeholders. In this section, you’ll find:

Apprenticeship Systems: Learn how apprenticeship works in Canada, and how to contact your apprenticeship office.

Apprenticeship 101: A basic guide to apprenticeship in Canada, including definitions, employer and apprentice responsibilities, incentives and grants.

Profiles: Learn more from the stories of apprentices and employers from both the public and private sectors.