Canadian Apprenticeship Journal

The Canadian Apprenticeship Journal provides a platform to share high-quality research, and discuss and debate topics of relevance to the apprenticeship community.

Apprenticeship In Canada

Apprenticeship is a workplace-based training program that teaches people the skills they need in the trades to achieve competencies and perform tasks to the industry standard.

Topics In Apprenticeship

As an organization that supports discussion and facilitates national apprenticeship networks, CAF-FCA is pleased to provide “Topics in Apprenticeship,” featuring insights into some the challenges and initiatives of interest to the apprenticeship community.

News And Events

As a national organization, CAF-FCA is connected to apprenticeship stakeholders across Canada. CAF-FCA hosts highly-rated events on a wide variety of apprenticeship topics.

Resources And Tools

CAF-FCA analyzes issues of interest to the apprenticeship community across Canada, such as employer engagement, essential skills, completion and outcomes, gathering findings in comprehensive reports.