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rmed with cutting-edge research and best practices from across Canada, CAF-FCA offers a wide range of solutions and services to address barriers to apprenticeship, engage non-participating employers, support discussion among stakeholders and promote skilled trades careers. Some of our solutions include:

Apprenticeship and essential skills workshops
Designed for educators, these workshops provide a solid knowledge of apprenticeship as a career pathway, and outline tools and resources to help teachers and students identify and address essential skills gaps.

Apprenticeship presentations for educators, youth and parents
What are the skilled trades? What is an apprenticeship? Why is it a great career choice? We’ll answer these questions and more through customized presentations.

Career awareness website – www.careersintrades.ca
A hub of information, resources and tools, created in partnership with Skills Canada and recently revamped and updated. Make it your first stop for information on apprenticeship and skilled trades careers!

National and regional events
CAF-FCA hosts events across Canada that bring together apprenticeship stakeholders and facilitate connections across trades, across sectors and across Canada. We can work with you to make your apprenticeship event a success.

Employer Toolkit
Developed with help from employers who train apprentices, this detailed toolkit includes step-by-step guides, worksheets and tips for hiring apprentices.

Best practices and profiles
Each of the thirteen jurisdictions in Canada boasts a wealth of best practices, successful initiatives and ideas that can be shared to inspire other apprenticeship initiatives in other sectors, trades and programs. CAF-FCA is always looking to highlight new employers, apprentices and programs.

Canadian Apprenticeship Journal
This unique publication shares in-depth articles on issues of interest to the apprenticeship community, such as completion, outcomes and essential skills.

Research on apprenticeship topics and challenges
CAF-FCA research reports run the full gamut of apprenticeship questions, including a close look at barriers to apprenticeship training. The new Member Research Series reports conduct in-depth statistical analysis of data and questions of interest to CAF-FCA’s wide membership base.