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Topics In Apprenticeship

As an organization that supports discussion and facilitates national apprenticeship networks, CAF-FCA is pleased to provide “Topics in Apprenticeship,” featuring insights into some the challenges and initiatives of interest to the apprenticeship community. We hope to provide, in a central location, access to relevant tools, resources, papers and articles that reflect the ongoing apprenticeship conversation and hot topics of interest. Keep the community updated by submitting links or suggestions for additions to issues such as:

Hiring an Apprentice
Employers across Canada identify a number of common challenges when it comes to finding the right apprentice for their business, but apprenticeship is an essential part of the skills solution for businesses in the skilled trades.

Skilled Labour Shortage
The older average age of many tradespeople and their stated intention to retire suggest that if efforts are not made to train the next generation of skilled workers, Canada’s future economic competitiveness will be in serious jeopardy.

Employer Engagement
In order to officially become an apprentice, every individual must secure an employer-sponsor, but finding an employer is often identified as one of the biggest challenges by new apprentices.

Financial and Other Supports
Several government initiatives and resources exist to encourage apprentices, support employers and journeypersons.

Essential Skills
Research has identified that weaknesses in core skills are a barrier to participation in apprenticeship training for many individuals interested in working in the skilled trades. In thinking about how to best support these individuals, improving Essential Skills is widely recognized as part of the solution.

Diversity in the Skilled Trades
In general, equity groups tend to be under­represented in apprenticeship compared to their proportion in the Canadian popu­lation. Programs across the country are helping diverse groups overcome these types of challenges and creating more diversity in the trades.